In America, the trend of reliance on technology is growing exponentially.  With this, the age that children are being exposed to a variety of products, including cell phones, is decreasing.  There are many arguments against giving young children cell phones.  One of these is that children do not know how to properly care for such advanced technology.  At an age when they are supposed to be building forts and eating mud pies, children are now downloading apps and sending texts.

Often young children drop their phones, spill water on them, or lose them.  This forces their parents to invest in a replacement.  Because of the limitations placed on contracts by providers, parents often result to purchasing used cell phones for their children.  This cuts down on cost and is often the only option for an immediate replacement.  Although the option of buying used is out there, the question remains if it would be cheaper to wait until children are done playing in the mud to give them a cell phone.